What is 2.5MINT?

2.5MINT releases free NFTs for newcomers to web3 technology.

Why are you doing this?
If you're new to web3, getting started may be a bit scary. Beyond the jargon and security pitalls, there are enough scams and profiteers in the web3 space that being a new user to web3 is truly difficult. The mission of 2.5MINT is to release absolutely free NFTs so everyone can experience blockchain technology.

What is an NFT anyways?
NFTs are just digital art you can own. That means once you've received an NFT, it's truly yours. Even if we shutdown our website, that NFT will be available to you forever in your web3 wallet. It's unmodifiable once it exists. Creating an NFT for the first time is called minting. 2.5MINT offers NFTs that are free for you to mint.

Why would I want an NFT?
Though owning some cool jpg or 3D art might be fun, the real goal is to get you acquainted with web3 wallets so in the future, you can own your data. In the web3 world you have control over your data and what happens to it. Web3 apps can't make your data disappear or manipulate it without you knowing.

Current NFTs available
Slava Ukraini! - A limited edition 3D NFT